FAQs for Undergraduate Students

  • Students should consult with their Advisor before making any course decisions that could be affected by AP credits. 

    Learn more about AP Credits

  • For all inquiries pertaining to Transfer Credits, please contact David Smyth.

  • For questions pertaining to major/minor advising, students currently enrolled in mathematics courses are welcome to contact a current instructor, or Kim Ruane, Chair of the Mathematics Department.

  • For information about math placement, please contact George McNinch.

  • For inquiries pertaining to distribution requirements, please contact Christoph Börgers.

  • For inquires about the Mathematics planned course offerings, please contact George McNinch

  • For inquiries pertaining to Tufts Summer Session, please visit the Tufts Summer Session website, or speak with Kim Ruane

  • Please review the details of our Graduate Program for requirements and offerings, or contact the Graduate Director, Fulton Gonzalez.