Undergraduate Programs

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Our majors find employment in industry (for instance in data analysis, statistics, insurance, etc.), K-12 teaching, and government, and some go on to graduate school in Mathematics or related disciplines, or even to law or medical school.

Mathematics is an abstract and simplified description of important aspects of the world. We study it both for its aesthetics, and because it has extraordinary practical impact on human lives. The ability to think precisely, central to the experience of mathematics, is valued in many professions.


BA/BS in Mathematics

Undergraduates receive a BA or BS degree in Mathematics.

BA/BS in Applied Mathematics

Undergraduates receive a BA or BS degree in Applied Mathematics.

Fifth-Year Master’s Degree Program: BA/MS in Mathematics

Students receive a BA/MS in Mathematics in Mathematics within a Fifth-Year Master’s Degree Program.

Minor in Mathematics

Undergraduates receive a Minor degree in Mathematics.


Please visit our admissions website for comprehensive information on our admissions processes and requirements, deadlines, financial aid options, forms and instructions.

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