PhD in Mathematics

The PhD in Mathematics consists of preliminary coursework and study, qualifying exams, a candidacy exam with an adviser, and creative research culminating in a written dissertation and defense. All doctoral students must also do some teaching on the way to the PhD. There are minimal course requirements, and detailed requirements and procedures for the PhD program are outlined in the PhD Handbook.

Please note that our department alternates recruiting in-coming classes that are focused on either applied or pure mathematics. For the Fall 2024 admissions (matriculation in September 2024), we are focusing on students interested in areas of applied mathematics.

All our professors are active in research, and are devoted to teaching and mentoring of students. Thus, there are many opportunities to be involved in cutting-edge research in pure and applied mathematics. Moreover, the seven other research universities in the Boston area are all within easy reach, providing access to many more classes, seminars and colloquia in diverse areas of mathematical research.

Teaching assistantships are available for incoming PhD students, as well as a limited number of University-wide fellowships. Tufts has on-campus housing for graduate students, but many choose to live off-campus instead.

In addition to the above, PhD students often:

  • Mentor undergraduates as teaching assistants and course instructors, and through graduate-student run programs like the Directed Reading Program.
  • Meet with advisors and fellow students to share research and collaborate with scholars across disciplines
  • Attend professional development workshops and present research at conferences