Research/Areas of Interest:

Undergraduate education; Discrete Mathematics


  • PhD, Dartmouth College, United States, 1982


I am a senior lecturer and my focus is on undergraduate education. I enjoy teaching calculus, linear algebra and discrete mathematics. I have also taught a sophomore/junior level course called Transition to Advanced Mathematics with a focus on graph theory which was the topic of my PhD dissertation. My background in computer science as well as mathematics gives me insights into the importance and relevance of discrete mathematics to computer science that I wouldn't necessarily have otherwise. I have been involved with elementary and secondary schoolteacher training since 2002. I was the lead instructor for a workshop entitled Problem Solving with Discrete Mathematics for five years and prior to that I was the lead instructor for the Leadership Program in Discrete Mathematics which came out of Rutgers University. I am presently involved in training high school teachers for a course called Advanced Quantitative Reasoning.