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Faculty and Staff

Main Office
Misha Kilmer
Department Chair

Noah Barrientos
Department Administrator

Regular Faculty
James Adler, Associate Professor
Bruce Boghosian, Professor
Christoph Börgers, Professor, Associate Chair
Moon Duchin, Associate Professor
Jessica Dyer, Lecturer
Zachary Faubion, Lecturer
Mary Glaser, Senior Lecturer
Fulton Gonzalez, Professor
Mauricio Gutierrez, Professor
Boris Hasselblatt, Professor
Alexandru Hening, Assistant Professor
Xiaozhe Hu, Assistant Professor
Gail Kaufmann, Lecturer
Misha Kilmer, William Walker Professor of Mathematics, Chair
Robert Lemke Oliver, Assistant Professor
George McNinch, Professor
Zbigniew (Ziggy) Nitecki, Professor
Todd Quinto, Robinson Professor of Mathematics
Kim Ruane, Professor, Graduate Director
David Smyth, Assistant Professor
Kye Taylor, Lecturer
Montserrat Teixidor i Bigas, Professor
Loring Tu, Professor
Genevieve Walsh, Associate Professor

For Common Student Questions
Transfer credits: Nitecki
Distribution requirements: Nitecki
Summer school: Glaser
Placement: Glaser or Kaufmann
Graduate program: Ruane
Planned course offerings: Kilmer
Advising on the Math major:
For questions on major/minor advising,
students should feel free to contact any one
of their current instructors, or Mary Glaser
if not currently enrolled in a mathematics course.

Postdoctoral Faculty
Michael Chou, Norbert Wiener Assistant Professor
Patricia Garmirian, Norbert Wiener Assistant Professor
Eunice Kim, Norbert Wiener Assistant Professor
Robert Kropholler, Norbert Wiener Assistant Professor
Caleb Magruder, Norbert Wiener Assistant Professor

Secondary Appointments in Mathematics
Lenore Cowen, Professor of Computer Science
Elena Naumova, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Diane Souvaine, Professor of Computer Science

Visiting and Affiliated Faculty
Yusuf Mustopa, Visiting Scholar
Victoria Rayskin, Visiting Scholar

Part-Time Teaching Faculty
Linda Garant, Lecturer

Poincaré Institute
Mary Caddle, Project Director
Chunhua Liu, Postdoctoral Fellow

Emeritus Faculty
Marjorie Hahn
George Leger
William Reynolds
David Isles
Richard Weiss, William Walker Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Research Professor

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