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Undergraduate Program

About the Undergraduate Program

Tufts has a lively undergraduate program consisting of a major and minor in Mathematics and a major in Applied Mathematics.

Some of our majors go to graduate studies in Mathematics; others proceed to many different careers, including law, business, medicine, teaching, and government. At the undergraduate and graduate level, mathematics is studied for a variety of reasons: for its applicability, aesthetics, intellectual challenge, enjoyment, and as a cultural achievement in itself. Moreover, the ability to think logically and rigorously, central to the experience of mathematics, is valued in many professions. There are numerous student groups and activities for math majors to be found in Math Life at Tufts.

Any student without a major advisor can consult with the Major Advising Coordinator (Mary Glaser) about considering a concentration in Mathematics.

Our department also offers a range of courses which are taken by non-majors, from Symmetry to Mathematics for Social Choice to courses in the History of Mathematics, and of course a range of Calculus offerings.

Tufts offers a great deal of support for undergraduates, including free tutoring through the Academic Resource Center (ARC) and a license to let students use the Mathematica software. Professor Todd Quinto maintains a popular page with career advice and a list of opportunities for students.

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