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Graduate Program

About the Graduate Program

The mathematics department supports an intimate and vibrant graduate program. All our professors are active in research, which provides many choices of research area to doctoral students. At the same time our faculty is devoted to teaching and mentoring of students. Our graduate courses and research seminars provide a great atmosphere for collaborative learning and research. Moreover, the seven other research universities in the Boston area are all within easy reach, providing access to many more classes, seminars and colloquia in diverse areas of mathematical research.

We offer three degree programs in Mathematics:

In recent years we have 30-40 graduate students at a time. Teaching assistantships are available for PhD students, as well as a limited number of University-wide fellowships. Tufts has on-campus housing for graduate students, but many choose to live off-campus instead.

Doctoral students must pass qualifying exams in three of six possible areas corresponding to coursework available to them; a year later, once a research topic and advisor have been chosen, there is a candidacy exam before the dissertation work starts in earnest. All doctoral students must also do some teaching on the way to the PhD.

Master's students must either pass ten courses or pass eight courses and write a thesis. A master's thesis is the result of directed study with an advisor of your choice; it is usually a survey of a specific topic or an in-depth study of some problem. The masters' program normally takes about two years of full time study for someone entering with the equivalent of an undergraduate mathematics major, including a background in algebra and analysis; students entering with less background may take longer, and nontraditional students are warmly invited to apply.

Post-Baccalaureate students must pass four courses with a grade of B- or better.

The department has two very active student groups for graduate students, the Organization of Graduate Students in Mathematics (OGSM) and the SIAM student chapter.

For information about the graduate program, please contact the Math Department Graduate Director.

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