Math Resources for Students

Check out American Math Society (AMS) math resources for undergrads, as well as student sites at the AMS, MAA , and SIAM.

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If you are interested in teaching in high-needs secondary schools, consider one of the
Noyce Science Teaching Fellowship Programs.
There are Noyce programs all over the country, and here is information. If you have questions, just e-mail me

This fun web site,, describes fun mathematics (including my field, tomography) and what mathematicians do.

Reasons to major in math:Check out this University of Georgia site! It’s informative!

Here's the math awareness month web site.

Mathematical Societies (which have general information about math as well as info about meetings, books and journals, etc.):
American Mathematical Society (AMS) Homepage
Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) Homepage
Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Homepage
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Homepage

Tufts Math Society Facebook page

Tufts SIAM Chapter website

Tufts Association For Women in Mathematics website

Summer Research Opportunities

Tufts University Summer Scholars Program
National Science Foundation Research (REU) Programs, general info. and scientific fields and math programs.
Another list of REU programs from the AMS
National Security Agency Summer Programs (choose undergrad and math from dropdown menu)
Princeton U. general and undergraduate
2017 Summer Program on random matrices in Park City Utah

Summer research opportunities for women students:
Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies program on randomness in group theory!
Edge program for women who will attend math grad school the next year

Mathematical Institutes (which often have summer programs)
AIM math: American Institute of Mathematics
American Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Institute for Advanced Studies
Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA)

Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI)
Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS)
UCLA Institute for Pure and Applied Math (IPAM)

Graduate Programs excellent links about graduate schools
US News Graduate and Professional Program Ratings (near the bottom, in science, choose"Mathematics" then click "Top Mathematics Programs" or check out specialties)
Links to US math departments
National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowships (excellent and competitive Ph.D. fellowships)

Web sites of graduate schools Tufts undergrads attended:
Berlin Mathematics School,Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, Duke University, University of Chicago: Math, Economics, LSU, MIT, NYU, Ohio State University, Oregon State University, Penn State University, Princeton, Rutgers, Stanford: Math, and Computational and Mathematical Engineering,Texas A&M University, University of Michigan, University of North Carolina, University of Oregon, UCSD,University of Pennsylvania,University of Washington Mathematics, and Statistics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Yale University

General advice and support for graduate school and beyond

Here are two good books (1 and 2) with tips for survival in grad school and beyond.

Here is a good article about how to get into math graduate school (despite what it says, if you haven't published, it is OK, although it is a good idea to try research to see if you like it!).

If you'd like suggestions about mentoring and research development for grad. students and beyond, check here.

A Ph.D. is not enough is a guide to people beginning their career in Science.

The Math. Association of America has a teaching support program for new college and university profs, Project NEXT.

The Mathematical Research Communities is a research support program for graduate students and recent Ph. D.'s. It provides summer conferences in a range of fields and then provides longer term mentoring and support. I was involved with the 2009 Inverse Problems conference, and it was a blast!

Some Free and legal math books are here.

Math Careers

General information about math careers:

This cool web site, weusemath.orgfrom BYU, shows what people use math for and discusses careers.
American Math Society's career info.
MAA Career Information and Career Profiles
Society for Industrial and Applied Math info about applied math careers
SIAM has a useful brochure on careers outside academia and an in-depth report on the mathematics needed in industry today.
Check out this and this for careers outside of academia.
A neat site at U. Georgia giving info. about math jobs

Here's a good reason to consider a math career if you like math (mathematician is always rated one of the most satisfying careers).

Tufts Career Center has information about careers, resumes, internships, etc. formation about careers and internships (check out the TIP book). gives ratings of companies from employees' perspective

University Job Ads for Ph.D.'s:
American Mathematical Society Job Posting (
Mathematical Association of America Job Postings

Summer math internships (see NSF REU research programs above as well as actuarial internships below,):

SIAM list of government, industry, and research internships

K-12 Teaching

Teacher training programs

The NSF/Noyce program supports students to teach middle- and high-school math and science in high needs schools, and it is terrific! If you have questions, just e-mail me.

Tufts Education Department has an "easy" admission program for MAT students from Tufts, and it is a vibrant place with several faculty members who specialize in mathematics education.

Boston Teacher Residency
Teaching Fellows Program in various cities in the U.S.
Math for America: MAT fellowship program in various cities in the U.S including Boston.

Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship

If you'd like to teach without earning an advanced teaching degree then Teachers of Tomorrow or Teach for America could fill the bill.

Placement services for independent schools
Carney Sandoe, Corp.
Southern Teachers Agency

Summer teaching internships:
Teaching Experiences for Undergraduates Internship (for general info and for math) (Being offered at Brown University, joint between colleagues Brown, Vassar, Barnard, and Bryn Mawr)
Breakthrough Collaborative (Boston and national) and Summerbridge (San Francisco)
Johns Hopkins CTY Summer Program for Gifted Youth

Steppingstone Academy Boston
PROMYS Program at BU for youth gifted in math

The actuarial profession:
Society of Actuaries and Casualty Actuary Society general info.
Books and old tests for the actuary exams (Actex publications).
BE AN ACTUARY for general actuarial information for students.
John Hancock Insurance  (Internships and general career information)

Careers at Milliman. Also contact local offices.

Related graduate programs:
Graduate actuary program at the University of Connecticut
Graduate accounting program at Northeastern University

This site has links to graduate actuarial programs.

Biographical Information:
Mathematicians of the African Diaspora (biographies, scholarships, etc.)
Women in Math Web Site (publications, bibliographies, etc.)

Here is a short article about Emmy Noether (1882-1935), one of the greatest mathematicians of her time.

Please let Todd Quinto know of other fun links or if these links don't work.

Please feel free to talk to your profs, advisor, or me if you would like more info. about research programs, graduate school, or careers and all that. Let me know if you'd like to borrow the department's books about math careers.

Thanks to many folks including A. Barbaro, A. Berrian, M. Burr, J. Cherner, D. Cuzzocreo, D. Davis, T. Kolda, M. Schultz, M. Teixidor, L. Tu, and K. Vagts.

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