Conference on Modern Challenges in Imaging
In the Footsteps of Allan MacLeod Cormack
On the Fortieth Anniversary of his Nobel Prize

August 5-9, 2019, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts

Please use the LaTeX template AbstractTemplate.tex. Send both the LaTeX and PDF files to the appropriate person:

Plenary talks and posters: to Todd Quinto.
Minisymposium talks, to the organizer who invited you.

If you do not know LaTeX, the word processing software we are using, could you submit a text file for your abstract or, if you have pictures or equations, use the Microsoft Word template AbstractTemplate.docx. To see the general abstract format see AbstractTemplate.pdf.

For LaTeX users, we will strip the preamble and put all abstracts together. Therefore, please do not change the "\usepackage"s in the document and do not add your own packages. Please do not use macros (\def or \newcommand) but hard code your formulas so we can put all the abstracts together.

If you are giving a poster, please use one of the templates above and add (Poster Session) in italics at the end of your title.
For designing your poster, you can use the template/class of your choice. You can also use the template of the conference

Template of the Poster

On August 6, each presenter of a poster will have the occasion to give a very short oral presentation--a flash presentation--of their poster. The goal of this presentation is to advertise the topic of your poster and to motivate participants to visit you during the subsequent poster session.

Thus, the lightning talks will be strictly limited to 2 minutes presentation time. Please prepare at most 3 slides (including the title frame) by using the following Latex template


and e-mail your a presentation (PDF) until August 1 to Gael Rigaud. Please name your file LastnameFirstnamePoster.pdf.