Conference on Modern Challenges in Imaging
In the Footsteps of Allan MacLeod Cormack
On the Fortieth Anniversary of his Nobel Prize

August 5-9, 2019, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts

  • Accessibility
    • The Office of Equal Opportunity has information about accessibility and all rooms should be wheelchair accessible. To contact them go to or e-mail, or call 617-627-3298.
  • Resources for family care
    • Tufts is a family friendly university, and we will provide specific information in the registration documents. For example, Tufts has nursing rooms and there are many playgrounds nearby. The Tufts campus is a safe area for children and families to stroll, and there are pleasant and historic parks in a short walk. There are nursing rooms in various locations on campus (@). Children can stay with parents in dorm rooms or in hotels. We will provide detailed information in all registration packets, and the Tufts Conference Bureau can be reached at (617) 627-3568 for specific questions.

Here is a map with all gender and single stall bathrooms.