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Kye Taylor
Kye Taylor
Contact Info:
Tufts University
Department of Mathematics
503 Boston Avenue
Room 114
Medford, MA 02155

Email @tufts.edu: kye.taylor
Phone: 617-627-5728

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High-dimensional, geometric and statistical processing of datasets.

Mankind's collection of data is increasingly expanding. For example, in 2009, American drones flying over Afghanistan returned over 24 years' worth of video. To extract meaningful patterns or information from the large amounts of (high-dimensional, nonlinear) data, transformations are performed to identify and emphasize such features.

My research interest regards transformations of datasets that rely on graph-based metrics. In this setting, data points associated with vertices of the graphs. Relationships extracted from (dis)similarities in the data's features are associated with edges of the graph. The resulting graph creates a new geometry on which to define metrics, which can ultimately be used to embed the dataset in a new space. In addition to interpreting the embedding, another challenge that interests me is efficiently calculating the embedding via decomposition of a "data matrix," using techniques such as random SVD and multilevel eigensolvers.