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Graduate Program

MS Requirements

Course requirement:

Ten (10) courses in total, with at least four courses numbered above 200 with the following to insure breadth:

  • 3 courses: 1 in each of 3 distinct areas 1.5 given below, 2 of which are at the 200 level. A passing grade on the corresponding Ph.D. qualifying exam would satisfy the breadth requirement, but note that the 10 course credits are still needed for the degree.
  • 5 courses: Any from areas 1-6 below.
  • 2 courses: Elective courses which can be any math course numbered above 100 OR related fields courses. This will include upper level, mathematically significant courses in CS, Physics, Economics. For example, we accept any 100 level course that we currently accept for the applied BS degree. If a course is not listed here, then a student can ask the Graduate Committee to approve it as a related fields course.


  1. Analysis: 211, 212, 213, 136
  2. Algebra: 215, 216, 146
  3. Geometry/topology: 217, 218, 167, 168
  4. Numerical Analysis: 226, 228 (these numbers are subject to approval), 128
  5. Partial Differential Equations: 251, 252 (these numbers are subject to approval), 152
  6. Other: All regularly numbered math courses above 120.

Masters Thesis Option:

A student fulfills this requirement by writing an expository paper on a specific topic in mathematics under the direction of a member of the department, and upon completion, presenting it before a committee of two or more faculty members. The writing of the thesis would be counted as the 2 elective credits from the ten course requirement via course numbers 295 and 296.