HAZmath package ( together with James Adler (Tufts) and Ludmil Zikatanov (Penn State))

The HAZMATH Finite Element (FE) and Solver library is built from C (C99 compatible) source files and provides software components that can be used to simulate physical/social phenomena described by Partial Differential Equations (PDEs), systems of PDEs, or graphs. We have included several standard discretizations for PDEs, often used in various applications. Our examples range from simple scalar elliptic PDEs to systems of PDEs, include time-dependent and nonlinear problems, and contain methods for the solution of linear systems.

FASP package

Fast Auxiliary Space Preconditioning (FASP) package is a package of geometric and algebraic multigrid methods and their applications, such as computational fluid dynamics, reservoir simulation, and so on. Part of FASP package has been integrated into SOCF (a commercial reservoir simulation software developed by China National Offshore Oil Corporation) and HiSim (a commercial reservoir simulation software developed by PetroChina).